A Drive To Revive The Best Twitter App Ever

My favourite Twitter app ever is Birdfeed, a "very nice Twitter client." It was built by Buzz Andersen and it was indeed very nice. After using the new Twitter app, I think we need a very nice Twitter client more than ever.

Buzz sold Birdfeed to Brizzly, who rebranded it as Brizzly for iPhone — much like Tweetie became the official Twitter app after it was purchased by Twitter — before Brizzly was bought by AOL. The app became less nice and now you can't get it at all.

I'd really like it if he brought it back. And I think you would too. [Birdfeed, Birdfeed icon image by designer Neven Mrgan]

Full disclosure: Buzz has made me delicious cocktails before and I really enjoyed drinking them.

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