12 Tanks Made From Things They Shouldn’t Be

12 Tanks Made From Things They Shouldn’t Be

Guns? Who needs guns when you’ve got the buisness end of a jet engine mounted on your tank’s turret? That’ll show those land mines who’s boss. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of the oddest armoured vehicles to ever grace the battlefield.

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Antanov KT

Designed in 1940, it comprised a glider and lightweight T-60 tank with its unlocked tracks as landing gear.

Rolling Ball Tank

Treffas Wagen 1917

Clearly the design inspiration here is from a steam tractor.

M15A Gun Motor Carriage

Only one prototype was made of this ludicrously over-designed vehicle.

Russian Tsar Tank

A bizarre tricycle tank design from 1915.

Tracked Vehicle Besta, US circa 1917

Looking at the inscription on the front, the Besta seems to have been a sort of armoured track layer.

Italian Self-Propelled Gun

This is an interesting example of an evolutionary design dead end. In the development of big guns on wheels this looks more like a cannon than a vehicle.

Progvev-T Gasdynamic Trawler

A Russian tank with a Mig jet engine mounted on it, to clear mines by blasting them with heat.

Chrysler TV8

A semi-aquatic concept tank.

Armoured Quadricycle circa 1899

Vickers-Carden-Loyd Utility Tractor

Experimental conversion, 1934.

Venezuelan Tortuga Tank, 1934