11 Hot Gadgets For Summer

You might not know it at the moment from the weather, but Summer has arrived, bringing with it an infinite number of gadget gift possibilities. Here are 15 great gifts to take advantage of the hot season.

Panasonic FT10

Price: $249 Waterproof to three metres, the FT10 is the perfect camera for the beach this summer, letting you take great shots both in and out of the water. Its 4x optical zoom and ability to record 720p video make it worth owning all year around, not just summer. [Panasonic]

Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

Price$50 Getting wet is a summer essential. Doing it by being shot in the head with a water cannon is even better. The Nerf Hydro Cannon can shoot a massive stream of water up to 10 metres away, drenching your friends and family while you remain safely out of harm's way. Win. [Toys R Us]

Nespresso Lattissima+

Price: $599 With the long days of summer already upon us, you might need a little caffeine kick to help get you through all those extra hours. The Lattissima+ is the easiest coffee machine you'll ever use, giving you great milk-based coffee with the touch of a button. [Nespresso]

Nike+ Sportswatch

Price: $259 If you want to enjoy the great outdoors while tracking your fitness levels and aren't a fan of Nike+ on iOS, you could always buy a Nike+ Sports Watch. Created in conjunction with TomTom, it offers the same performance tracking as the iPhone app without the tie to Apple. [Nike]

Custom BBQ Branding Iron

Price: $25 Mark your meat with your signature message with this customisable BBQ branding iron. Whether you use it to claim your own bit of beef, or tell everyone how skilled you are behind the grill is up to you. [Latestbuy]

Portable Garden Tool Trolley

Price: $70 Sometimes its the simplest gadgets that help you get the most out of the hot season. This garden trolley helps you stay organised while keeping your garden looking its best in the summer heat. [Deals Direct]

Leatherman Surge

Price: $140 If you want to hit the great outdoors this summer, you'll need a tool to help you work, whether it's threading your fishing line or sawing wood. The Leatherman Surge is as good as it gets, featuring 21 different tools in one compact body. [Leatherman]

Hover Soccer

Price: $25 Kicking a ball in the heat of the day is way too much effort. Sometimes you just want to kick something around in the comfort of your air conditioning. Enter Hover Soccer, which glides along your indoor floor to let you enjoy outdoor sports indoors. [Latestbuy]

Kogan Reverse Cycle Air conditioner

Price: $399 It's probably going to murder your electricity bill, but can you really put a price on comfort during a hot Australian summer? For less than $400, it's hard to go past this reverse cycle air conditioner as a relatively simple, portable cooling solution. [Kogan]

Husqvarna Automower 305

Price: $1999 Mowing the lawns during summer is a weekly chore, made difficult in the heat of the day. That's where robots can help. The Automower 305 can mow up to 500 square metres of lawn regularly so you don't have to worry about it. [Husqvarna]

Motorola Defy+

Price: $299 If you enjoy getting sweaty and active during summer, you'll want a smartphone that can handle the extra moisture. The Defy+ from Motorola can handle any sweat you throw at it, as well as the occasional knock or bump. Better than an iPhone, at least. [Motorola]

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