Young Zuck, Circuit Toilets, And Other Stories We Didn’t Post

Young Zuck, Circuit Toilets, And Other Stories We Didn’t Post

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn’t possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn’t worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case.

The Eatery App: A Pleasant Pocketable Nutritionist

You take pictures of your meals anyway; they might as well go towards making you healthier. That’s part of the idea behind Eatery, which is similar to a few other food-focused healthifying apps out there, but less concerned with counting calories and more into overal dietary habits. [Eatery]

Young Zuck Talks “The Facebook” in Shorts

Sure, Mark, The Facebook sounds great, but there’s the kegger? That the Tri Delts are having? And you probably need to wear pants or at least like jeans for? Mark? [The Next Web]


Circuit Board Toilet Makes for an Uncomfortable Number 10

Etsy, what have you done! You’ve gone and taken perfectly good circuit boards and turned them into commodes. Dammit, they… they deserved better than that. Also, yes, if you have $US500 you can buy one yourself. [Etsy via Geekosystem]

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