You Can Watch The Olympics In 33-Megapixel Super HD

It's pretty hard to conceive of a TV with 16 times the resolution of a 1080p set, but you'll have your chance to test your eyeballs firsthand in July — for the Olympics. That is, if you're in Washington, DC.

The capital of the free world will host a viewing of Japan's experimental 7680x4320 Super Hi-Vision format from July 27th to August 12th. No other details (such as where, on what equipment, and the like) have been revealed yet, but anyone within reach of DC (or Glasgow and London!) should try to check it out. I'll be there. Look for the guy with blood pouring out of his eye sockets as he looks at sprinters in a resolution no human was meant to gaze upon. It might be the only time you ever see it. [NHK via Engadget]

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