You Can Now Buy The Ultimate Treehouse

The Treehotel has been a concept of architecture firm Tham and Videgård for a few years now, promising people a cheap, prefab way to live amongst the trees (quite literally). Now that concept has become reality.

Redubbed the Mirrorcube (for its reflective exterior), the four-cubic-metre house is constructed of aluminium, glass and wood, and is divided up into a living room, bedroom, bathroom and upper terrace. The house is wired for electricity and also has a freeze-toilet for environmentally-concious sanitation. It can house up to four people and will last for 30 years. Upon purchase, the house, which is constructed in two halves, is delivered, installed around a tree of your choosing by Tham and Videgård. Plus, it comes complete with interior furnishing selected by the firm.

The Mirrorcube sounds like it could serve as an awesome study or workspace. Or, if you're feeling especially adventurous and minimal, and not opposed to living without a kitchen, could make for an interesting, but expensive, second home (this thing costs €275,000 beforeshipping!). [Mirrorcube via Architizer, Dezeen]

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