Wrist-Mounted Crossbow? Yes Please!

You know what's awesome? Wrist-mounted anything. Literally anything that's a thing is probably cooler on your wrist. Clocks? Yeah. Phones? Maybe. Ice cream cones? Sure! And homemade, laser-sighted crossbows? Yeah, I want a piece of that, and you do too.

The WristBow Crossbow Gauntlet fires carbon fiber bolts that are tipped with brass and steel. Its laser sight is powered by two AA batteries, and as you can see in the (creepily silent) video, is accurate enough to guide a bolt into an apple from across the room. Its inventor, Patrick Priebe, is the guy behind the disturbingly great Iron-Man-repulsor-like hand laser and the made-to-order Pulse laser gun from earlier this year, and getting this guy in a room with Joerg Sprave is pretty much number one on my Christmas wish list at this point. [Laser Gadgets via Geekosystem]

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