Would You Use Australia Post As Your Telco?

Australia Post is hoping that you would; it's all primed for a major push into the telecommunications market as part of a shift away from those old-fashioned paper things that people used to send each other. I think I remember those... just. CommsDay reports on the push, which will be spearheaded by Maha Krishnapillai, the soon-to-be-ex head of government and corporate affairs at Optus. Krishnapillai will be in charge of a three-tier strategy encompassing e-commerce (Australia post does send a lot of parcels for eBay users, after all), financial services and a broader, possibly NBN-backed telecommunications push.

I can't think of the last time I posted an actual letter, but I do use my local Australia Post outlet for a lot of related services, so this could be a very smart move on its part indeed. Then again, I think I'd be a little stunned the first time I powered up a phone and had "Australia Post" listed as the connected network. [Commsday]

Image: Australia Post

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