Will The Apple/Samsung Stoush Widen?

Will The Apple/Samsung Stoush Widen?

The Apple and Samsung court cases grind ever onwards in the way that legal cases often do, but today’s hearing has unearthed one interesting section: Samsung prepared an affidavit that could bring other tablet makers into the firing line.

Luke Hopewell at ZDNet’s been reporting from the court room, and he notes that Samsung’s representatives told the court that they’d prepared an affidavit that detailed how other tablets — not just the contentious Galaxy Tab 10.1 — bore similarities to the iPad.

The report states that Samsung’s legal representatives told the court that

Not only are there many [similar] products on the market … they all have short lives, and there was evidence before [Justice Annabelle Bennett] that the other devices had the same functionality as the Samsung tablet.”

Predictably, the case still continues to grind onwards. [ZDNet]

Samsung’s Official Statement:

No decision was handed down by the court today regarding the validity of the preliminary injunction on sales of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1.

We have appealed on the grounds that Apple has failed to establish a case sufficient to justify an injunction that blocks market access for our product.

Samsung will continue to assert our position that our GALAXY Tab 10.1 is innovative and does not infringe Apple’s intellectual property rights, and take all available measures to ensure our tablet device are available to consumers in Australia.