Will George Clooney Play Steve Jobs On The Big Screen?

Will George Clooney Play Steve Jobs On The Big Screen?

Hollywood rumour alert, guys: English gossip coal plant The Sun reports George Clooney is slugging it out with former guy-who-played-Steve-Jobs Noah Wyle over the coveted spot. It will definitely be an extremely lucrative movie — so who’s gonna star?

On the one hand, Noah Wyle has experience pretending to be Steve from the sorta-bad-sorta-good Pirates of Silicon Valley. He also does genuinely look like Jobs. Which is important.

Then again, George Clooney is actually a really good actor. But does he look like Steve Jobs? Eh. His face is too puffy, his skin too swarthy. A lot can be done with makeup, but I think the bone structure just might not be there. And I’ve spent a lot of time analysing George Clooney’s face.

Both of them, however, are getting a little up there to be playing Jobs when he was a scrappy garage engineer — Clooney is 50 and Wyle is 40. Jobs founded Apple when he was 21. So, even if Clooney or Wyle land the spot, the picture will need a second actor to play young Jobs, lest we run the excruciatingly embarrassing risk of George Clooney playing a college kid. So then what? I propose CGI. [The Sun via 9to5Mac]

Photos: David Paul Morris/Johannes Simon/Frazer Harrison/Getty