WikiLeaks Twitter Account Details Handed Over To US Authorities

Cash-strapped serious-gossip portal WikiLeaks is about to come under renewed scrutiny from the US Justice Department, thanks to a court ruling forcing Twitter to hand over details of who accessed the site's account.

The ruling doesn't cover the actual messages posted from, through or to the WikiLeaks Twitter account, though — only the IP addresses and email addresses of those associated with the account are to be handed over.

One of the account users is Icelandic member of parliament and member of "The Movement" Birgitta Jonsdottir, who said: "With this decision, the court is telling all users of online tools hosted in the US that the US government will have secret access to their data... it is a huge backward step for the United States' legacy of freedom of expression and the right to privacy."

[The Register via Gizmodo UK]

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