Wi-Fi Home Radiation Detector Reports Dangerous Levels

As a complement to their portable RDTX detector which provides radiation warnings through your iPhone, Scosche's HRDTX is designed to monitor the homefront, providing audible warnings and email alerts when radiation levels become too dangerous.

Using "fast photo sensor technology" the $US330 detector accurately measures gamma radiation without the need for calibration, and provides both visual and audible warnings depending on the threat level. A green light indicates everything is safe, while a yellow light, with an accompanying beep every 30 minutes, indicates levels are elevated. But when the radiation levels become too dangerous, you'll probably notice the HRDTX's 105db alarm before you see the warning light turn red. The unit's even equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing it to send an email to the homeowner while they're away in the event that radiation levels have risen to the point where it's no longer safe to return. Like the RDTX, the HRDTX isn't available in the US, since the demand is probably a lot higher in Japan right now. [Scosche via Chip Chick]

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