Who Is Wikipedia's Founder, Really?

You might recognise Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, whose mug is often plastered atop his online encyclopaedia's entries, giving you puppy dog eyes for donations. Or are they serial killer eyes? Or Abe Lincoln eyes? Or anything, really? Web design 911 emergency!

Gabe Rivera noticed this unfortunate bit of formatting puts Jimmy's face squarely above the title of any Wikipedia page -- Hitler, paedophile, ice cream cones -- maybe not the best way to woo potential donors. [Gabe Rivera]


    I believe Wikipedia's founder is Dr. Larry Sanger. To answer your question seriously.

      Problem solved:


      I believe Wikipedia's troll is Mr. Gregory Kohs. To answer your trolling seriously.

    Jimmy Wales will go down as the man who changed the way we as a civilization do research. His contribution to society/mankind has yet to be fully realized but his impact has already made a major contribution to us all and when he asks for a Fin now and then he damned well gets one or two from me!

      Even if 54% of whatever you donate does not go toward the program services the Wikimedia Foundation is obliged to uphold? (That's according to the federal Form 990, which most donors don't want to look at. Like Wikipedia, they'd rather "feel good" about what they think they know, rather than actually discovering the truth.)

        Ah, lies, damn lies, and statistics. Kohs' figure is based off of program service expenses over revenue (program service expenses accounted for 46% of revenue on the last Form 990). This is a very idiosyncratic way to look at the expenses, particularly since the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) keeps an operating reserve and has been growing its budget significantly year-by-year for the past few years. The growth of the budget means that the operating reserve is grown accordingly, so the revenues are naturally higher than the expenses. If you use a rational statistic and look at program services expenses over total expenses, the WMF falls around 75% based on the last Form 990, which is fairly normal (the remainder consists generally of admin., financial, and fundraising costs).

        In other words, don't fall for this petty piece of misdirection.

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