What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Abbot wanted the NBN axed in order to keep a surplus, Optus let fly with its own NBN pricing and home installations got a little simpler — in theory.

• Optus announced its NBN pricing, including bundles with hardware [Gizmodo]

• But how do those bundles compare? The full details and how they compare to the other announced NBN offerings was covered over at Lifehacker [Lifehacker]

• Tony Abbott’s opposition to the NBN is resolute, and his plan for returning the budget to surplus centres on axing the entire NBN; he claims it will “will turn out to be one of the all time great white elephants in our history.” [Herald Sun]

• There is some suggestion of dissension in the Liberal ranks, however; a number of Liberal MPs appear to have shifted from shafting the NBN to complaining about when it might roll out to their constitutents [SMH]

• Home users concerned about the complexity of an NBN install should have less to worry about; NBN Co announced that it’s working on a single truck rollout system that should mean an “almost invisible” installation process. [ZDNet]

• The NBN isn’t just about home users; NBN Co’s also announced a range of services aimed at the SMB and SOHO business sectors, covering things like service level agreements. [ITWire]

• Up in Cairns, they seem happy with the NBN rollout, or at least the work of the Cairns Regional Council in fast-tracking NBN rollout, with the local Business Leader’s Alliance giving the council an ‘A’ in its efforts. Wonder what they’d have to do to get an A+? [Cairns Post]