Weird Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issue. Am I The Only One?

Weird Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issue. Am I The Only One?

So I’ve been using a Lumia 800 for a few weeks now, and mostly I’m loving it. It does have two big problems though, and they’re both battery-related.

Problem number one is fairly simple. Once you get a bunch of live-updated, location-aware apps, the battery goes to shit.

But problem two is the killer: ONCE THE PHONE DIES, IT WON’T WAKE UP. askdhskfhds;fjkhds;khas;fkjhsdfkjhadsfkjasdhf.

Am I the only one having this problem? I’ve read that a bunch of you are having problems with battery life, and I’m with you. But I can deal with it. I’m an iPhoneland expat! I’ve got backup batteries aplenty; I’m used to checking my charge level and topping off when I need to. But this other problem is just weird. And bad. Here’s what happens:

I get the “battery critically low” warning. Then, shortly thereafter, my phone will die. If I don’t plug it in before it turns itself off, it becomes very difficult to turn back on. Usually, I can bring it back by plugging the phone into an iPad’s 2.1 amp charger, but not today. The phone is comatose. Possibly dead.

Now, we were lucky enough to get a very early production sample of the Lumia, so it could just be a dud. But maybe someone else out there is having the same problem? Let me know in the comments.