Week in Review: RAZR, Jetstar, Batteries And Headsets

We put the RAZR to the test, took a 3D headset for a spin, pondered on smartphone batteries, took the skies for some tablet action and looked beyond the stars into the history of the universe. Welcome to week in review; the stories that were the highlights of the week from October 31st to November 4th.

Motorola RAZR

The RAZR returned to the market with a big splash; possibly too big a splash for some hands, as we found out in our review. Read More

First Look At Jetstar’s iPad Entertainment System

Jetstar's long-promised rental iPads took flight; what are they actually like to use? Read More

Opinion: Who Buys Spare Smartphone Batteries?

Sealed batteries are said to be the worst. But do Giz readers really buy spare batteries anyway? Read More

Sony HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset Review: An Amazing Toy

Sony's 3DTV Headset is an extraordinary looking gadget — but it's best as a secondary TV source. Read More

iOS 5.0.1: Battery Fixes, Aussie Voice Updates

iOS 5's battery woes are meant to be fixed by the latest updates — and we got a little more optimisation for Aussie voices as well. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Interview: Dr Brian Boyle On SKA

The SKA project is still being decided, but if it does get built in Australia, this thing's going to have impact beyond just scientific research; this is a huge engineering and IT challenge as well. Giz Au sat down with the head of the Australian SKA effort to delve into the challenges the bid faces, as well as the true potential of the world's largest telescope. Read More

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