Week In Review: Kindle Fire, iTunes Match And Ice Cream Sandwich

The Kindle Fire arrived, as did Apple's long awaited iTunes Match and Google's even more feverishly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich. Welcome to week in review; the stories that were the highlights of the week from November 14th to November 18th.

Did Steve Jobs Kill The True iPhone 5?

Apple released the iPhone 4S; everyone knows that. But the iPhone 5 rumours had a lot of detail behind them. Was there a model that Apple decided to kill at the last minute? Read More

Kindle Fire Review: The iPad Finally Has Serious Competition

Amazon's iPad competitor has arrived. It's cheaper than the iPad, but is that enough? It certainly not something that every Aussie should rush into buying. Read More

When Will The NBN Be Available In My Area?

Just how long will you have to wait until the National Broadband Network (NBN) becomes available in your area? Find out with this up-to-the-minute list of expected launch dates. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Using iTunes Match

We’ve known about iTunes Match for a while; it went live in the US this week. The $US25/year music service promises to not only store your iTunes purchases in the cloud, but to back up your non-iTunes tracks as well. So how does it work exactly? Read More

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Review

It feels like we've been waiting forever for the latest Android update. But was Ice Cream Sandwich a tantalising dessert, or a sloppy mess? Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Inside Queensland Emergency Operations Centre

When you’re dialling 000, you’re probably not thinking about the technology behind the scenes that relays your call and manages disasters from the small scale to the world shaking. Keeping emergency responses ticking along is a high tech effort these days, as these pictures from inside Queensland’s Emergency Operations Centre show. Read More

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