Week In Review: HTC Android, Apple Batteries And Music

HTC's phones got heavily reviewed, we argued online music, Apple admitted battery problems and.. somehow.. Darth Vader was a Banana. Welcome to week in review; the stories that were the highlights of the week from October 31st to November 4th.

HTC Rhyme Review: Great Software, Average Hardware

Elly cast her careful eye over HTC's slick phone for the ladies, but came away unimpressed — not with the surface beauty, but what lay under the hood. Read More

How To Save Your iPhone 4S’ Crappy Battery

Later in the week Apple admitted that there were definite problems with iPhone 4S and iOS 5. While they work on a solution, here's the ways we've uncovered to keep your 4S powering along. Read More

Opinion: Music — Buy, Rent, Beg Or Steal?

How do you get your digital music fix, and is one method better than another? We looked at the pros and cons of each of your online music choices. Read More

GTA V Trailer Is Out: Watch It Here

We don't know who the protagonist will be, but it's pretty clear from Rockstar's trailer for GTA V that it'll be a shiny mix of LA style and extreme explosions, along with that trademark GTA wit. Read More

Hands On With The LTE-Speedy HTC Rezound

HTC had a busy week; it also launched the Sensation XE/XL in Australia, but it's the faster and Ice Cream Sandwich capable Rezound that really caught our attention. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Darth Vader Is A Banana

In terms of pure unadulterated joy, it was a close run thing between Banana Darth and the Naked Mole Rat. But then, the Naked Mole Rat doesn't know how to deliver a slippery force choke. Read More

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