Wedding Rings Made From Space Gold

Space Gold, as we all know, is the rarest and most-expensive form of precious metal known to ma — wait, whaddya mean it's just regular gold that's been shot into space? And they want how much?!?!

$US17,000 per pair. To be fair, these are ultra-limited edition bands — only 50 pairs will be produced. The Space Wedding Rings are designed and crafted by the Spacewed company and recently debuted at the Dubai International Jewellery Week. In addition to the wedding bands, 50 separate, smaller Space Rings will also retail for $US12,000 a pop.

So what makes this gold so special, so space-y? It was launched into suborbital space aboard a sounding rocket from Spaceport America on May 20, 2011. I guess 15 minutes of weightlessness and a healthy does of radiation makes these worth six months pay? I'd almost rather spend $US17,000 on a suborbital sounding rocket ride for myself. [SpaceWed via Born Rich]


    $17,000 is pretty cheap considering what some wedding ring pairs cost.. I'm sure all 50 (plus the other 50) will be snapped up ultra fast.

    LOL...oh the irony. For all of you who don't know this. The element gold is made naturally when a star goes supernova. After the star begins to make Iron at its core, the Fusion reaction looses its battle with gravity, contracts, then explodes. While exploding, the Fusion process is still taking place and this is where the naturally occurring more rare metals such as Gold, Silver etc come from.

    gimic. Especially considering current theory suggest that all our heavy metals came from space after the earth was formed. If it had been here originally then all the heavy metals would have been moved to the centre of the earth in the initial maelstrom.

      gimmick, actually.

    And people really believe the gold has ever even left the ground?
    Fools , money, parted.
    Meanwhile in, oh say, Ethiopia .......

    $17000 - six months pay. You should find a new job

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