Watch Canon's Hollywood C300 Wondercamera In Action

What does the Canon EOS C300 give you for 20 grand, beyond a Super 35 mm-equivalent 8.28MP CMOS sensor capable of recording a full HD 1920x1080 picture and other cinematic goodies? Digital movies like this.

Enormously talented photographer Vincent Laforet already has his paws on the C300, working on a new film entitled "Mobius" — and he's shooting the whole thing digitally. It's a nice little drug war vignette with a mind-bendy ending, but yeah, the whole video looks spectacular: crisp, colourful, and begging to be fullscreened. Laforet also put up behind the scenes footage to indulge your gearhead cravings — very neat to see the new beast in action.

[Vincent Laforet]

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