Tissot's New Watches Technically Don't Exist

Augmented Reality shopping, anyone? Tissot's AR app lets you try on expensive watches — but without the watch part. Which means you're trying on a watch that doesn't exist. The process works via a printable PDF wristband that you pop over your wrist. Then with a webcam, it uses the printed wristband to overlay a choice of Tissot watches on your wrist, so you can see what it'll look like on you.

So naturally, I had to give it a test. It works passably well, although I doubt I'd buy something purely on the strength of having a paper and virtual version wrapped around my wrist. Although I did appreciate the option to turn my head into a palm tree; more AR apps should do that kind of thing.

I asked the far more fashion-aware ladies of FabSugar if they'd buy a fashion watch that way; the official comment was that it probably wouldn't attract new customers, but could be nice for those who already liked the brand and just wanted to pre-check styles. [Tissot]

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