This Twisted Bridge Isn't A Failure At All

At first glance it looks like this bridge in the Netherlands was an engineering failure, not unlike the infamous Tacoma Narrows that collapsed. But this is how the architects designed and built it to look, and it works just fine.

It's a 42m pedestrian and bicycle bridge that connects the Holy-Zuid district with the Broekpolder, in the city of Vlaardingen. It was designed by the architects at West 8 and specifically built by the metal workers at ABT so that the bridge looks like it has twisted at one end and is about to tumble into the river.

But it's completely safe. The illusion comes from the welded steel tubes that actually surround the bridge itself, which provides a flat path for urban traffic to easily cross the waterway. The effect is still cool, though, and makes me wonder what inspires architects to be so creative when it comes to modern bridge design. [West 8 via CollabCubed]

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