This Is The Sword Stolen From Lincoln's Tomb

This is the one-metre long copper sword stolen from the top of Lincoln's Tomb in the Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois. It was there sometime in September (left) and now is gone (right).

The sword was brandished by a Civil War artillery officer on one of the four bronze statues groups atop the monument, which represent the four military corps during the Civil War: artillery, cavalry, infantry and navy.

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency's spokesman Dave Blanchette said this is the first theft since 1890, when the same Civil War artillery officer's sword was stolen. At the time, it was made of bronze, casted from melted-down Civil War cannons. The replacement was casted in copper. Now it's gone too. Way to go. Now return the damn thing. [Free Republic via CBSLocal via Drudge Report]

Photo: Zol87.



    Scrap metal thieves?

      no, dickheads

        i agree. you couldn't even get a decent amount of money for what it is. There's plenty of other "copper" you can steal without it having to be a piece of history - not that i promote theft, it's just that old "artefacts" are the last thing anybody should go for.

        I'm not american, or an advocate of their history, but after seeing these pictures, it makes me wonder - such an incredible monument - ruined, for what?

        They should hang them, or cut off their hands - like they do in egypt and the middle east. Now that's something i'd promote.

    Bart Simpson.

      That's a perfectly cromulant theory!

      That other guy on another thread that mentioned your comments as being generally "irritating" does seem to have a point.

      I shrugged it off at first, but now i see what he's saying.

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