This Is The Pepper Spray Police Used On UC Davis Protesters

We're awaiting confirmation from UC Davis police, but after examining photos and videos of the incident, this is what we believe campus police used against the Occupy Wall Street protesters at UC Davis this weekend. It's nasty.

This here is the MK-9 stream canister, one of the strongest available forms of pepper spray. How peppery your spray is can be measured by its Major Capaicinoid content, and you can determine the amount based on the colouring of the can. In this case, cops appear to have used a 1.3 per cent solution. The only time a spray is more potent? When it's meant to stop a freaking bear.

Assuming it's 1.3 per cent — or even if it was the slightly less-crazy 0.7 per cent, as some pictures indicate — that's some heavy duty stuff. It's much stronger than the 0.2 per cent that's authorised for tactical deployment, making this a very large hammer for this particular nail. And even if it were an appropriate dose, it was sprayed at near point-blank range. The recommended minimum distance? 1.8m, and it remains effective at 5-6m. Translation: The usage on Friday would probably be a little excessive even when used in the field against someone a lot more violent.

At that crazy-strong dosage, the burning, boiling eye sensation and difficulty breathing would obviously be amplified. Any form of pepper spray can be serious trouble — even lethal — for someone with asthma or a heart condition, and we're talking the stuff the Marines train with here.

So that's one more bizarre layer to the already-surreal UC Davis scene: the spray on kneeling protestors was strong enough to take down a charging bear. [Defense Technology]



    well they could have used their batons or tazers right?

    If a police officer in full riot gear tells you to move or he will pepper spray you multiple times. Chances are high he will do it.

      There comes a time in everyones lives when they're in the right and the opposing force is in the wrong and you learn your own measure as to whether or not you can stand up or stand aside.

      I wouldn't have moved, even with the threat of a tazer or a beating. I would have stood up for what I believed in.

    Excellent choice

    Um thats a "party pack" (as Vic Police would say) and it's ment to be used in riots. But I'm not sure if they use it at that strength.

      Party Packs are hardly reserved for riots; every van would have one. The foam streamers play nicer with AC units in places like hospitals, courts, trains, etc than an OC spray which gets sucked up and blown around easily.

      Remember the Australian Open tennis a few years back?

    We invade foreign countries under the pretext of bringing democracy and giving free speech.

    How many times have we heard "*Insert dictator* is harming his own people".

    We shout blasphemy at foreign Governments (especially in the middle east) when they crack down on protesters, because the protesters are in some way breaking one of THEIR laws but we don't consider that as justification, we consider it an opportunity to take down another 'evil dictator' to save the world.

    Yet when it happens in our backyard, people will defend our Government 'oh, these guys are breaking the law - they deserve it!!', the amount of hypocrisy I see is mind blowing.

    I wonder how long much longer these people can defend these actions, when tear gas is deployed? when rubber bullets are fired? or when real bullets are fired...

      Yeah people will support something as long as it's not in their back yard.

      Hence why wind farms face so much opposition.

      Not everyone but some people are fickle and selfish.

    Looks like it's available at Amazon.

      The customer reviews for that are priceless:

      "When I feel threatened by students, no matter how unarmed, peaceful and seated they may be, I know that Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% Red Band/1.3% Blue Band Pepper Spray has got my back as I casually spray away at point blank range."

    Come on, they had to defend themselves. Those violent rioters were moving their arms back, linking arms, and curling into balls.


    But ar'nt campus police glorified security guards?And the protesters students who prob pay $20k a year in tution?It's all very grey.

      Glorified but heavily armed security guards who also earn almost a third more than academic teaching staff. Pikes salary was north of 100k a year.

    If students were allowed to vote on where their fees are spent at the university I can imagine the 'security forces' getting scaled right back.

    'How peppery your spray is can be measured by its Major Capaicinoid content,'

    I believe it should be spelt 'Capsaicinoid'.

    Love how calm the officer is in the video. At least he didn't discriminate racially, religiously or sexually :-)

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