This Dog Is Made Entirely Of Sprinkles

It began as a fine art project on Pointillism and Seurat, but university student Joel Brochu decided to run with the idea, recreating a photo of a Beagle in a bathtub using just six colours of hand-placed sprinkles.

Working from a template created by a piece of software that analysed the original image, Joel spent eight months placing every single sprinkle onto a four by one and a half foot board covered with double sided tape and a thin layer of glue. Jewelry tweezers made the process of adhering the 221,184 dots of candy a bit easier, but only just slightly I imagine.

Now that it's complete, the sweet mosaic is sealed with a clear acrylic resin to preserve the sprinkles, the image and the memory of what probably drove Joel to complete madness. Here's to hoping he at least got an A on the project. [Flickr via Laughing Squid via PetaPixel]

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