These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

These Droid lamps, designed by the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau didn't arrive at their name by accident. Their looks takes inspiration from robots. Yep, boxy, metallic, blippy, bleepy robots. And maybe Star Wars.

Both ends of the lamp project light, though you control whether one both of those ends is powered on. The lamp uses LED bulbs, but according to the designer, it has a colour Rendering Index of 96 (out of 100), which is deterimined based on how well it "renders an object's colour exactly how it appears in warm, natural light."

Being a designy object of lust, its only naturaly that pricing and availability info is not readily accessible, but i'm sure if you send a nice email with your bank account number and an agreement to put your children up as collateral, I'm sure you can have one of these wonderful, wonderful creations in your home.

[Jangir Maddadi via Design-Milk]

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