The Worst Time To Use An iPad As A Camera

Although this isn't as bad as MySpace self-portraiture, whipping out your iPad as a goofy camera during a wedding is just the worst. The worst. This marriage is doomed.

I'll never understand the psychology behind the iPad-as-camera phenomenon. We may never know -- science can only penetrate the psyche so far. Do these people not carry a phone with them? Is it a bid for attention? A mental illness? Have years of amphetamine use rendered their hands so shaky that they can't hold on to a normal-sized camera? You know, one that isn't the size of an entire tablet?

Any responsible priest would have called off this ceremony. [@chadfoy via BuzzFeed]



    An IPad is a status symbol. Whip one out and people say ooohh an iPad. Little kids will say mummy look that man has an iPad

    Isn't there a quote saying "The best camera is the one you have with you"?

      correct but going to the wedding you would think that you can come a bit more prepared ? :)

    more like "I can't see shit, some dickhead is holding up an iPad, who's wedding is this again?"

    Why would you record it 9X16 anyway?

      same reason why ppl use mobile phones to 'record' concerts....

    Who the hell brings an Ipad to a wedding?? what do you carry it there in a backpack while wearing your tux?

    Saw one at a wedding used to live stream the wedding to overseas relatives, though the guy using it in this case was trying to be as sneaky as possible with it.

    I especially like the way it even had the camera guy intrigued enough to take a photo of him instead lol

    Worst thing is, that guy was the professional wedding photographer.

    Our grandpa pass away recently and some relatives back in our country was unable to attend the funeral so we setup yahoo messenger on an iPad and do video calling.

    Yeah, actually it doesn't look like his thumb is about to press the button to take a photo, so maybe he's filming/streaming it.

    who the heck would carry their iPad around at a wedding? Just odd......

    I see your iPad in the back row and raise you an iPad bridesmaid.

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