"The Muppets" Movie Isn't All Puppetry

The magic of the muppets is that they're 'real', or as real as puppetry gets. Still, even when the Muppets could have easily gone CGI, they stuck to their roots. That doesn't mean everything in the new Muppets movie was old school though. Even muppets need the magic of the movies.

Don't worry! THERE ARE NO CG MUPPETS. I REPEAT, THERE ARE NO CG MUPPETS. It's the other effects that got some treatment done (which is totally unsurprising and expected) but this video gives you a peak behind the silver screen. The team from Look Effects used Nvidia Quadro GPUs to tweak certain frames and add certain lifelike animation to the movie. It's still the Muppets but better. [NVIDIA]

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