The Cleanest Way To Get Pomegranate Seeds Into Your Mouth

Every pomegranate is composed of exactly 840 seeds. To extract every last sweet morsel, you could either spend a half hour picking at the husk with crimson-stained fingers or just knock them clean out of their skin with the ART.

The Arils Removal Tool (ART) from the Shohan company comprises a collection cup, grate and cover. After splitting and de-crowning a pomegranate, you set the half atop the grate which sits over the collection bowl, cover it, and rap soundly with a heavy spoon. This knocks the arils (the seed itself and the red, fleshy sac it sits in) free of the pith, allowing them to pass through the grate to the collection cup. The ART retails for $US16 on EBay. [Shoham via Book of Joe]

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