The Best Videos Of The Week

Maybe you were swamped at the office this week and couldn't check your favourite video sites. Or maybe you could use a distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best videos we watched during the week that was.

Andy Rooney's Best Essays On Technology

Last night, at the age of 92, writer, producer and commentator Andy Rooney passed away after complications from minor surgery. While his career spanned more than 60 years, Rooney is best known for his essays and commentaries at the end of CBS' 60 Minutes every week. View

The Craziest Battlefield 3 Strategies We've Seen So Far

In warfare there are the tried and true methods of combat, the time-tested techniques that are proven to bring success over your adversaries. View

Michael Bay's Need For Speed: The Run Trailer Is... Awesome Actually

Yes, that's correct - Michael Bay is no longer just content with destroying our cineplexes, childhood memories and Chevrolet commercials (strangely, all three types of destruction intersect in the Transformers franchise) with his brand of "Awesome". View

Watch Surfers Ride Waves Like The Bullet Time Scenes From The Matrix

Rip Curl and TimeSlice Films filmed surfers riding real waves with 30 GoPro HD cameras and created an effect very similar to the "bullet-time" sequences in The Matrix. View

Do You Need A Reliable And Sexy Vehicle To Get You To The Renaissance Fair?

Are you a recent graduate? Are you underemployed? Do You Need A Reliable And Sexy Vehicle To Get You To The Renaissance Fair? How about a 2000 Toyota Corolla in grandmother white? View

How The Hell Did We Get To Seven Billion Humans In Just 200 Years?

In 1804 we were one billion humans in this planet. Now we are seven billion. How the hell did we grew so much is so little time? This video by National Public Radio has the answer. View

Character Creation Is Back And Better Than Ever In Soulcalibur V

My favourite feature of Soulcalibur IV was the ability to create my own custom characters and see how they fare on the stage of history. Judging by this trailer and these new screens, it'll probably be my favourite feature of Soulcalibur V as well. View

$300,000 Ferrari FF Catches Fire During Test Drive

There's been some debate as to whether the three-door, AWD Ferrari FF hatchback was a proper Ferrari. The debate is over. One of the $US300,000 cars caught fire and burned to the ground during a test drive. View

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer: This Is It

Four years after we were all introduced to GTA IV, Rockstar Games has unveiled this trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Our first thought on this one-minute-and-24-second-trailer? View

Watch This Dam Explosion Free The White Salmon River

Like a spring snake being released from its canned prison, the White Salmon River in Washington State was freed after the 98 year old Condit Dam was dramatically breached with explosives last week. View

Why Video Games Work Better Without Narration

Charming RPG Bastion had some gorgeous visuals, yeah, but it's going to be remembered more for its novel use of narration than anything else. View

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