Sony Planning PS4's Arrival To Coincide With Next-Gen Xbox?

Sony's gaming division is tracking the growing rumours of a new Microsoft console, with the aim being to release its PlayStation 4 as near to it as possible -- so there won't be a huge headstart for Microsoft this time around.

PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan, speaking to Eurogamer, said it would be "undesirable" for the gaming giant to launch a new console "significantly later" than any updated Xbox, to avoid handing Microsoft another huge lead. Sony's clearly hinting that it'd push through a "PlayStation 4" announcement as soon as Microsoft fleshes out its plans for a new console.

Microsoft could even announce a new gaming console this January, with the most recent rumours pointing to some form of early hardware or spec announcement at the 2012 CES event. [Eurogamer viz Gizmodo UK]


    I think PS3 users are less ready for news of an upgrade than Xbox users. Having all 3 main consoles; I would be happy to get a new Xbox tomorrow but, I don't feel the same way about my PS3. Is that strange?

      I agree with you, the 360 has been around since 2006 and I'd gladly upgrade, whereas the PS3 was released in the same year but only just became stable recently since the PSN hacks.

    I just bought a PS3 the other day to play Demon soul's + Dark souls.

    I already own a Wii, 360 + 3ds etc etc etc....PC ;)

    I must say wah dah fuck...I think the ps3 needs the update more...What is this BS with all the games forcing my tv into 720p...So much for the HD console. And the game still lags under load...I hit a few barrels to make an explosion and boom frame rate lag to the shit...While the 360 does struggle from time to time in all the games i have played on it i've never noticed and felt it as bad as the ps3.

    Either way as far as the upgrade goes, i would still buy a new xbox tomorrow as long as they are bringing good titles to it, same goes for Wii....And well with playstation....I only just got one thanks to cheap ass sale that was going on over the weekend and picked it up for $220 with game + 2nd controller. I wouldn't slug out $600 on a new one anytime soon unless they give me a damn good reason too.

    But that is just me =D Hell if game Dev's released more great PC games like saints row 3....and not bs ports like skyrim...i would not ave to use a console ><

      I've been using a ps3 for several years and ive never noticed any lag concerning its performance.
      Perhaps u got a faulty ps3, cos i can throw anything at mine, which is 4 years old and i dont have to worry about performance...

        You just got trolled.

      The problem is dark souls/demons souls, it lags massive at certain places points, the fixed this in a new patch apparently. great game by the way.

      Also dark souls is already on X-box.

      Also, I doubt you can tell the difference between 720 and 1080 unless you TV is massive and you are sitting close to it. Nobody analyses the pixel density while playing a game

    in my recollection, because AU has to such a backwater market & we get none of the really cool kit....until the end is nigh. that is, every time sony has released a funky coloured console in AU a new version is not too far behind....Just sayin'...i just pray these consoles arent going to be ludicrously expensive again, like a $1k :(

    Makes sense that they don't want to be gazzumped. I just hope that this time we'll all be a bit wary when they make outlandish claims just to one-up Microsoft (dual-screen 1080p, anybody?)

    Wow, how bout you release a console worthy of upgrading to Sony? Instead of pushing one out and possibly rushing it to compete with MS.

    So much for Sony's stance that the PS3 will have a 10 year life compared to the dowdy old 360. they're just playing follow the leader instead of being the leader. Time for sony to bow out methinks.

      No, it has a lifetime support of 10 years. Meaning updates, game releases and online play will still be supported by Sony over the 10 years. If they bring a new console out, they just can't forget that the PS3 exists until it has been out for 10 years... Microsoft has the same dealio going on with the 360.

    I've never had an Xbox so can't comment on that side, but the sad thing about Playstation is their network--a new console is presumably going to use the same PSN but of all things that is probably what they should throw out and start again.

    Going by the PS3 Explained comments, PSN has been very flaky since the hack repairs, and just the ridiculous decisions that Sony has applied to accounts makes it very frustrating for users.

    I realise, especially with the PS2, that they'll keep up with support. That's not an issue. When the PS3 released, Sony touted as they always do that it was the greatest release ever and that it would be the definitive item to own that was "futureproof" ...... I guess that's not the case. Just another case where sony don't live up to their outlandish promises.

    I have a PS3, you know what it gets used for? Playing torrented tv shows and movies. The majority of my gaming is done on the 360. The PS3 is not really a success in my household, but it's a good movie player!

    "PS3, you know what it gets used for? Playing torrented tv shows and movies. The majority of my gaming is done on the 360. The PS3 is not really a success in my household, but it’s a good movie player!" Spot on mate! Same here

    PS3 Was a cheap Blueray when released, Sony lost money on it when it was first released. I still get alot of use out of mine.

    I just recently got a xbox since having a PS3 since launch. Honestly the 2 consoles are pretty similar ( except the optical drive shortfall of the xbox ). I have BF3 on PC, PS3 and Xbox and the consoles look the same but don't compare to the PC. If the Xbox gets upgraded to a better optical drive to stop the 2 disc's being needed and the Xbox live became free I'd get into it a bit more. Other wise both future consoles for me will be buys when they are cheaper.

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