Solid Gold Dinosaur Encrusted iPad 2 Is Daft

We've covered the work of Stuart Hughes before; he's covered just about everything he possibly could in gold and then sold it at obscene prices. We've even seen a solid gold, rather expensive iPad before. But what if that solid gold iPad had a front bezel made of T-Rex bones? How much would you pay then? Me, I wouldn't pay much. But if you were super-keen on a rather costly Christmas present for that relative of yours with no taste whatsoever, you can pay a cool £5,000,000 — not, that's not a typo — for one. I can't be the only one who thinks that besides being stupidly expensive, this is also extremely ugly, can I?

If you're even slightly, vaguely, oddly inclined to do buy one, might I suggest you do something else with your money? Like, say... anything else at all? [Stuart Hughes]

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