Shooting Challenge: 7 Shots Of Decay And Entropy

We seem to fight the effects of ageing just as much as we are fascinated with it — who knew decay would make such great photography? Check out these seven reader-submitted shots for this week's shooting challenge. Be sure to click on each photo to see the full-size version.

James Gray

I'd been looking for an excuse to photograph this old petrol pump in Eastwood for ages, located by the side of Blaxland Rd in a garage that is still used for servicing cars. No petrol on sale though which is a pity, the price dial on the pump is still set at 32.4 cents per litre.

Shot with my Nikon D3000, tripod mounted, with the kit 18-55 mm lens set to 55mm and f5.6

Kelvin Morrison

Camera - Pentax K-5 Lens: Holga HLP for Pentax DSLR ISO: 800

Brother had a Yamaha FJ1200 Motorbike that was involved in an accident (he was OK) and he got to keep the wreck (pictured) obviously he hasn't moved it in a while and grass grew over it and almost became a hedge we've poisoned the grass so as you can see it is now dead and decaying as is the wreck itself

I just got the Holga Toy Camera lens for my new Pentax K-5 and thought i would play around with it a bit an then I saw the comp and instantly thought of the bike so I thought I would send it through.

Ben Hughes

This derelict old building is located around the corner from my house on the edge of a struggling industrial estate.

I'm not sure why it hasn't been demolished, as it's clearly a safety risk and is in no way fenced off to protect curious minds from exploring the decayed interior.

The photo was taking using an iPhone 4S and had a greyscale effect added to it using PhotoStudioHD on an iPad 2. I ran the contrast slider up a fair way to try to highlight the window frame.

Rob Lacina

I took this photo of my kids' old cubby house on Sunday morning in my backyard. Now that they're in their teens, it's unused and slowly rotting away, the paint's peeling off and the grass is beginning to envelop it.

Overall, I took about 30 photos, but this one, a section of the "balcony" grabbed my attention the most. I liked the texture of the splitting knot, combined with the last vestige of paint clinging on to it.

Camera - Canon EOS 550D Lens - 18-55mm @ 55 mm Exposure Time - 1/640 seconds Camera Mode - Aperture priority ISO - 400 Aperture Value - F 8.00 White Balance - Cloudy

Shot in colour, cropped and converted to B&W in PhotoShop CS5.

David Bird

I painted the gnome for the Floriade gnome competition back in 2000, he was painted up in a Holden Racing Team jacket and GMC 400 beanie.

I used my Canon 1000D with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens.

Sarah Williams

Taken on Apple iPhone 3GS Edited in Picasa — cropped, filtered B&W, some colour balancing and some sharpening

The building is being demolished soon, and for the longest time I had wanted to peer into the hole in the wall and see what was inside so I satisfied my curiosity and took some shots.

Marcus Cher

Was at the open day for the Abbotsford Convent and had a great time.

I spotted this well aged façade in the car park.

Shot on a Canon 7D f7 aperture priority with some colour balancing in post.

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