Shooting Challenge: 2 Crunchy Toast Shots

This week's shooting challenge was deliberately simple; a challenge to make something special out of something mundane, namely toast. The challenge inspired only a few, but we got some cracking shots — and even a pun-filled story to go with one of them. Check out the photo submissions and their accompanying stories below.

James Gray

Taken with a Nikon D3000 with the kit 55-200mm lens all the way out at 200mm. Aperture was 5.6 for the shortest depth of field for that lens and shutter speed manually set at 1/60. I was using a remote flash bouncing off the ceiling and dialled that in for the exposure. Post processing limited to cropping and bringing up the colors just a bit.

I asked my lovely wife to use her new lipstick to model the toast for me. My favourite shot wound up being this one with the toast just out of frame as she licked the crumbs off her lips leaving us with 'Implied Toast'

Chian Kee

Jones approaches the body, recoiling subtly as he catches a whiff of charred wheatgerm. A crowd has already begun accumulating nearby. He has seen this M.O. before - burnt to a crisp front and back - but what was a wholegrain doing in these parts at this time of night? And what could drive someone to deliberately burn bread? One thing is for sure: Jones is on the trail of a real bad egg. "Canvas the area," he barks at his lieutenant, "I want to know if any of these crackers saw anything ... and tell the Captain we have a cereal killer on our hands."

Sony a550 f2.8 1/160 ISO200 24-70mm at 55m

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