Save The World With Eye Asteroids

Instead of flailing your arms and legs, or wielding a motion sensing controller, Tobii Technology thinks gaming would be a bit more civilised and effective if players used their eyes. The company specialises in eye tracking and control systems, and created the Eye Asteroids arcade game as a way to show how its technology can be beneficial to more than just those with disabilities.

The game is a recreation of the classic 1979 Atari title, but instead of joysticks and buttons, the player simply has to look in the direction of an asteroid to blow them up. The company boasts that when using their eyes, a player's response and reaction times are vastly improved compared to manually operating a joystick.

Although the technology seems better suited to simpler games like Asteroids which doesn't require much physical interaction to begin with. The Eye Asteroids cabinet is a one-off design that will be touring the world starting this month, but should show up at Tobii's CES booth in January where we'll hopefully have a chance to see how players are also supposed to feed it quarters using only their eyes.

[Tobii via Pocket-lint]

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