Rumour: Apple's In-Store Pickup Orders Ready In 12 Minutes

BGR's got more rumours about the forthcoming update to the Apple Store iOS app. Apple won't just be offering self-checkout for accessories at retail stores — it'll be expanding its in-store pickup operation to a blazing-fast, nationwide program.

Apparently the future of in-store pickup at retail Apple Stores — already available at some New York and California locations — gets your wait time down to a science. After ordering an item through the Apple Store app or online, you can designate a store and pick up your fresh iGoodness in just 12 minutes. This applies only to off-the-shelf items. Anything that's not in stock or ready to go will have to be configured. Once it's in stock, the Apple Store app will send you a push notification, at which point you can pick it up in — you guessed it — 12 minutes.

There are also new details about how the Apple's self-checkout procedure will work. Simply pull an accessory of the shelf, open the Apple Store app and scan the product with your iPhone's camera. The Apple Store app update is supposed to be available on tomorrow — the implication is that both self-checkout and in-store pickup will launch tomorrow as well. [BGR]

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