PURE Music To Launch In Australia By April 2012

Aussies can add another subscription music service to the pile, with digital/internet radio maker PURE set to launch a subscription service in Australia by next April. The video above is for the UK service, launching in December, but PURE representatives told me that plans are afoot to launch the same kind of service here in Australia by Easter next year; it's largely a matter of sorting out the rights issues locally, although at least PURE has a head start on that given it already offers music purchasing through its radios. Pricing's not yet set, but expected to be similar to the UK service, which will cost five pounds per month.

What's interesting about PURE's approach compared to the mass of other offerings — things like Zune Music, Qriocity, Rdio and the like — is that I was told they're not fussed about how many devices you connect to the service, be that a PURE internet radio, PC or smartphone, or indeed how many users are on an account simultaneously; it's essentially seen as a promotional tool for PURE's devices rather than a revenue source of its own.

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