Primpalicious Gifts For The Obsessive Groomer

He takes longer than your girlfriend to get ready. Zac Efron hair is his Holy Grail. Somehow you're still friends, so help him preen with a gift that will blow his vain brain away.

1. no!no! Skin

His skin care arsenal contains every possible weapon. Still, he will experience the occasional, world-rocking breakout. Help him banish the blemish the FDA-approved no!no! Skin. The makers of this painless "phototherapy device" promise it will clear 81 per cent of acne spots in 24 hours. $US180. [no!no!]

2. Mangroomer Electric Back Shaver

There are some places your obsessive groomer just can't reach, and he is so averse to a fuzz-covered trapezial area that he just might enlist you for help in that department. Nip that in the bud with a handy back shaver. $US40. [Sharper Image]

3. Balla Powder

Speaking of difficult-to-access areas, some of them can get disgusting not to mention itchy. Remind your obsessive groomer not to be all precious about it, and apply the powder generously to his gams, buttocks, underarms and feet. Bonus: it comes in "tingly". $US15. [The Metro Man]

4. Andis T-Light Trimmer

It might seem as if he already owns every possible shaving accoutrement. But does he realise he might be missing hairs that he can't see? This trimmer shines a spotlight on every last bristle for a moustache that's Tom Selleck-perfect. $US50. [Overstock]

5. The Bullet

Ear and nose hair? Unacceptable. Before he sticks a gun to his head, tell him to shove The Bullet trimmer in his nose and be done with it. $US20. [The Bullet]

6. Soilia Tourmaline Ceramic Uonic Hair Straightener

Using a heated hair appliance isn't exactly manly. But as much as you might hesitate to encourage this behaviour in your dude, if the guy insists on straightening his hair make sure he's using a proper tool. $US70. [Folica]

7. USB Electric Shaver

A rechargeable shaver that allows stubble touch-ups from his desk sans power outlet? He just might be moved to tears. This one could even pass for a mouse so no one has to know. $US28. [Brando]

8. Moustache Comb Necklace

It's hand cast. It's sterling silver. He can wear it around his neck for a perfectly coiffed stache at all times. Movember just got even better. $US168. [Makoo Loves You]

9. FitScan Breath Checker

The zit is zapped, the hair is straightened to perfection, the moustache is combed and waxed. Don't let him ruin it all with halitosis! It's impossible to check your own breath, and you definitely don't want him to asking for your help. $US35. [Amazon]

10. Monocle x Commes Des Garcones: Hinoki

All that primping might have your giftee feeling, well, less than masculine. Remind him that testosterone courses through those veins of his with a woody, manly scent that smells like a freshly showered lumberjack. $US100. [Monocle]

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