Pork Moulded Into A Piglet Is Disgusting And/Or Awesome

I love pork. I like pigs. They're cute, fun to eat and intelligent among mud-dwelling beasts. But what I don't like is for my dinner to artificially resemble the killed animal from which it was derived. This is gross.

Or is it amazing? The shrink-wrapped pseudo-pig, a pork roast moulded into the vague form of its prior self, is certainly a feat of food engineering. I'd expect nothing less from Costco, the IKEA of edibles. But will pork taste more like pork when it's compressed into animal form? Chicken nuggets are absolutely better in dinosaur shape, but there you have a sort of perverse species incongruence. Would the pork roast be delicious and aesthetically acceptable if it were moulded into the shape of, say, a cat, whale or amoeba? Does anyone out there have a hydraulic press and an ample supply of raw meat? [Consumerist]

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