Philippe Starck Crammed An Entire Kitchen Into These Towers

Living in a tiny apartment is no longer an excuse for living off of ramen noodles. Philippe Starck has created a complete kitchen that exists inside a set of rotating towers, complemented by a sink and range equipped dining table.

Available from German manufacturer Warendorf, each tower occupies just under eleven square feet of space and are separated into a hot tower which houses an oven and microwave, and a cold tower where you'll find a fridge and freezer. For dealing with dishes and prepping food a separate island features a generously sized sink at one end, as well as a glass cooktop and a table where a group of people can comfortably dine.

Storage space is hidden throughout the towers and the island, and the collection can be customised to your particular cooking needs. While it looks like a practical solution for struggling students and starving artists who live in cramped apartments, I'm fairly certain the collection is going to come with a price tag well above what its ideal target market can afford. So maybe this idea is another affordable IKEA hack waiting to happen? [Warendorf via Freshome]


    Great idea. But:
    1. How many places don't have a kitchen already?
    2. This will only work well in open spaces like converted wharehouses.

      2b - and if you had a converted warehouse, why on earth would you want one of these...

        Agreed, Super expensive "space saving" products dont make much sense to me. If you can afford them you are more likely to be able afford an aprtment with a large enough space for a proper kitchen.

        A really nice kitchen in the above apartment would be far more impressive.

      Actually you're wrong on both accounts.
      1. New apartments, refurbishing existing apartments, houses etc could use this. Kitchens are replaced every 10 years or so.
      2. You don't need a warehouse to use this, it is more efficient storage per m3 of space than a regular kitchen. The space around the units will further utilise circulation spaces that are generally under used. The rooms will seem bigger as the spaces will be less defined.
      3. As far as cost is concerned, if a developer can cram in more apartments in a building using this system the additional expence can be justified. People will pay more for the stark brand and the developer can give them less space. In Australia at least people pay more for rooms than m2, which seems crazy to me. A two bedroom apartment will cost a lot (100K) more than a one bed with study nook and larger living, even if they are exactly the same area m2.

      I don't know if it's true for all of Europe, but at least in Germany, renting an apartment can often mean renting '4 rooms'. You literally have to transport your kitchen from one apartment to the next. A bathroom is just a bathtub. You get a WC though. So something like this, designed/built in Germany would seem rather, well, convenient.

    Not to mention that space required to rotate the towers. Anyhows, the kitchen design is already far too big for what you would find in apartments in Hong Kong and Japan. Although I'd imagine that if you were living there it would be far cheaper and better to eat out anyway

    ...Jus' heatin' up a plate of toffee apples.

    That woman looks like she tripped and fell.

    Anyway, considering that Starck kept banging on about sustainability, etc. in his "Design for Life" series, I fail to see how this adheres to any of his purported values.

    i love steel counter tops...

    Sounds like Tony Stark's dodgy French cousin... There isn't even any guns, rockets or crazy new power generators in them

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