Peter Jackson: Filming The Hobbit In 3D Is A 'Dream Come True'

For The Hobbit, director Peter Jackson has got into the habit of popping up regular production videos to give anxious fans a peek behind the short and hairy-footed curtain of his latest interpretation of J.R.R Tolkien's seminal work. In the most recent clip, Jackson has no qualms providing us his opinion of 3D.

Shooting The Hobbit in 3D is a dream come true. If I had the ability to shoot Lord Of The Rings in 3D, I certainly would have done it.

The reality is, it's not that difficult to shoot in 3D. I love it when a film draws you in an you become part of the experience, and 3D helps immerse you in the film.

Jackson mentions that he did shoot 3D during the first three Lord Of The Rings films. The only problem is that all the shots he took were stills, which, unless you take a lot of them, are hard to turn into a feature film. He does however express a desire to put them on "3D Blu-ray".

The production video is fantastic — it goes into a lot of detail about the RED Epic 3D cameras and mirror system used in filming and is generally very insightful on all things The Hobbit. Being an NZ native, the plethora of Kiwi accents also puts me at ease.

3D movies never made the massive impact Hollywood thought they would, yet, the industry's still keen. I'm curious — what would it take for 3D to go mainstream? Is it a comfort thing? The cost? Personally, I'm waiting for it to be beamed directly into my brain.

That, or holodecks.

[YouTube, via Blastr]

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