PayPal Launches New App To Send Money Over Facebook

PayPal's got a new Facebook app called Send Money that's going to make it a lot easier to send money to another person over the internet. And now even your gushing, huggy aunt can take care of your birthday in a few seconds on Facebook.

The app is the first to allow peer-to-peer payments through Facebook and PayPal, and because it's between people instead of involving a vendor, there's no transaction fee. It's just a totally free service, which is awesome. The app also gives you the option to include an eCard with the cash, so it can be used for graduations, weddings, blackmail — whatever.

But having an easy-to-use method of transferring money is a huge step forward. It's crazy to think how many hoops you have to jump through to send money to a friend compared to how easy it is to buy something with one click anywhere on the internet. Send Money should, at the very least, make collecting your Fantasy Football winnings a lot easier. [Mashable via Techmeme]

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