Pause Fest Brings Digital Culture To The Streets

Melbournites! Head to the streets and you might be in for a culture shock, or for that matter a pleasant surprise, as the city's hosting its first digital arts festival, titled Pause Fest. My inner pedant wants to scream that it should be "start" fest — a pause fest would involve lots of standing very, very still — but that aside, Melbourne's all-digital Pause Fest offers a fairly packed schedule of everything from interactive games to laser shows to soundscapes and much more. Android and iPhone apps are available for you to keep up with the whole schedule. Needless to say, if you do go down there and snap some pics, I'd love to see them — I'm sadly stuck in a Sydney office for the duration of the festival.

Pause Fest runs from 7-13 November from 11am-11pm — so presumably artists don't like getting out of bed early. Perhaps that's the pause bit. [Pause Fest]

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