Nokia's Play 360 NFC Speakers Get Aussie Prices

Nokia revealed its NFC speakers a while ago, and a couple of weeks ago, while testing the Nokia N9, I had the chance to give them a quick test. Now Nokia's announced how much one of these snazzy looking speakers will cost. I didn't have enough time to give the Nokia 360 Speaker a full test, but from a brief hands-on, they were certainly loud, and the ability to quickly tap and pair is quite cute. Mind you, at an asking price of $149.95, they'd want to be.

Nokia's also announced pricing for for its NFC Wireless music receiver at $74.95, as well as a more plain (that is, Bluetooth, rather than NFC) BH-505 headset at $89.95. To date, we've not seen that many NFC-enabled phones on the Australian marketplace, but hopefully that'll resolve soon. [Nokia]

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