"No Evidence Of ET" Says White House

ET can't phone home if he doesn't exist. According to the White House, he doesn't. After all, it's not like the US Government would lie to us — would it? Damn. Guess I'd better stop baking those "Welcome To Our Planet, Evil Overlords" cupcakes. According to no less an organ than the official White House We The People Blog, there's no evidence of of extraterrestrial life. Glad that's sorted out, then.

Specifically, the blog post is in response to a petition asking the Obama government to "acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth". Yeah, really. Because we all know petitions work so well. Putting my sarcastic headwear aside for a moment (it must be Monday, or something), the blog post does note the scientific research being undertaken to examine the question of extra-terrestrial life, including SETI, the Kepler spacecraft and the Mars science laboratory.

This one rests, naturally enough, on where on the tinfoil hat spectrum you sit. Either the White House is dispassionately reporting the truth as it's currently understood, or there's a massive conspiracy of shadowy big government types. Is the truth out there? [We The People via USA Today]

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