Nine Homebrew Helicopters

Helicopters are incredibly difficult to pilot and even tougher to build from scratch — yet these tinkerers were able to construct their own whirly birds and even fly them. Our friends at have assembled nine of the best homemade choppers.

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Three Somaliland nationals build homemade helicopter.

Simcopter, Mexico

A homebuilt helicopter, combining a Simca car with a 223kW Lycoming aircraft engine.

Zimcopter II, Zimbabwe

Zimcopter chopper made from aluminium sheets and an engine cannibalised from an old French Citroen motor vehicle.

Homebrew Vietnamese Farmers Helicopter

Home-Made Helicopters In Northern Nigeria

Homemade Helicopter Kumbo Cameroon

Remains Of Homemade Helicopter In Zimbabwe

Chinese Farmers Homemade Helicopter

Forbidden to fly it by the Chinese government. It runs on a motorcycle engine.

Chinese Farmer Builds Working Helicopter From Scrap

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