New York State's Official Insect Is Back From The Dead

We didn't realise New York State even had an official insect, and that's probably because it's been missing for 29 years. But now, the nine-spotted ladybug is back.

Since 1982, there hadn't been a single nine-spotted ladybug — the official New York State insect — spotted anywhere in the state. So back in 2000, the Lost Ladybug Project was established to try and hunt down the native US insect. By 2006, only five had been found across the entirety of North America, and not a single one in New York State.

Fortunately, you can rest easy: that's changing. A bunch were found earlier this year on a farm in Amagansett, and now they're being bred in a lab in Cornell. Have no fear, New York State: your official insect is safe and sound. [New York Times]

Image: heyrod

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