Mechanical OutRun Reproduction Only Lacks A Pocket Full Of Change

When it was released back in 1986, SEGA's OutRun had some of the most cutting edge features in an arcade game, including a moving cabinet, force-feedback steering wheel and your choice of soundtracks. And while Gustavo's analogue version isn't quite as elaborate, it looks like it's packing just as much technology as the original.

Built over a month in his spare time, this faithful analogue recreation of the arcade machine is powered by an Arduino controlling servos, sensors and a segmented LCD display. Like the original OutRun, this version is controlled with a steering wheel, pedals and a toggle switch for shifting gears. The gameplay is basically the same too. Players try and complete a lap as quickly as possible without hitting the other vehicles on the road, with collisions being detected by a magnetic sensor. But it's almost worth crashing since Gustavo has even incorporated vibration feedback into the game's tiny steering wheel. You just cover all those controls in a layer of sticky New Coke residue and playing this version of OutRun will be exactly like the original. [YouTube via Make]

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