MacBook Air-Like Update To MacBook Pro Line Expected (Again)

It doesn't seem fair that the MacBook Air line has several features over the MacBook Pro (sleek profile, USB ports on both sides, higher-res screen). A major design refresh to the Pro line, the first in three years, has been bandied about for months now, but according to Japanese siteMacotakara, Apple's definitely working on a skinnier Pro.

Inside sources (presumably at a factory) have been cited, claiming the LCD screens used in the new Pros have finished being developed, though there's no word on what sizes they are. Whether we'll be seeing beefier Pro laptops in the same 11-inch and 13-inch sizes as the Air, or just in the 15-inch and 17-inch sizes of the Pro, remains to be seen.

A minor update to the Pro range was wheeled out last week, with processors and graphics cards being the only difference between them and the previous versions, which were last updated in February 2011. [Macotakaravia Mac World via Gizmodo UK]

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