Life In A Day: Watch The Beautiful YouTube-Fuelled Epic Right Now

With 26 directors, 80,000 video clips and 4500 hours of raw footage, it had so much potential to be a garbled mess. Instead, the crowdsourced this-is-our-planet hash of Life in a Day turned out every bit as profound, expansive and inspiring as its terrifically ambitious subject.

The Ridley Scott-produced film, a collection of short user-submitted videos, hits YouTube today after a tour of the festival circuit. You can watch it with your choice of 25 different subtitles, but the words aren't nearly as important as the images: dawn, dusk, the bright and dark in between. There are moments that mark us as unique, and ones that bound us together. It's an all-encompassing look at the world as we see it and shoot it. Surely that's worth 90 minutes of your time. [YouTube]

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